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Dart - Relational Operators

cooldashing24 profile image Vishnu Damwala Originally published at ใƒป1 min read

Dart provides operators that can be used to check the relationship between values or values within variables also known as operands.

All relational operators, less than(<), less than or equal to(<=), greater than(>), greater than and equal to(>=) gives resultant value in boolean i.e either true or false after evaluation.

In this article, you will find Relational operators provided by Dart.

Relational operators

  • All of these relational operators are binary operators.
Operator Description Example
< Less than x == y
<= Less than or equal to x != y
> Greater than x == y
>= Greater than or equal to x != y
main() {
  // create variables
  int a = 10, b = 12;

  // value of a and b
  print('Value of a is $a and b is $b');

  // > operator
  print(a > b); // false

  // < operator
  print(a < b); // true

  // >= operator
  print(a >= b); // false

  // <= operator
  print(a <= b); // true
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