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Snippet Management

Do you store and manage snippets of code? If you do, how do you do it? Do you use a snippet manager?

I think I need to do something.

I see that Lepton was ranked high on this site. I'm leery of it being Electron based though.

I tried Boostnote when it was still a baby. I think the way it stored things wasn't ideal for me though - if I remember right.

What about you?

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Nathan S.R.

Hi, I had to write a new & easy web-based application myself, to satisfy various needs of my large team ( documenting their various code snippets ) and make it accessible throughout the local area network, for ease of use. This application / system is now released as an Free & Open Source Project here:

Hope this helps out all teams looking for an easy way to document everything.

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I'm in love with snippet labs.