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Video: Learning what to ignore 📹

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Fawad Ali

I like your video.

I was always worried about 'what to learn and what to NOT'. I am love the different technologies since 2000 learned different things, but they are just liking dots. When I understand that everything is not necessary to learn and understand util you find your passion, therefore I deleted a large mount of data (550 GB) of Networking (MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), Autocad (2D, 3D) designing, also leave the ArcGIS, ERP system i.e. Microsoft Dynamics(X++ Language), SAP (Financial Module) and some other things.

In the age of 38, I have understand that I am Web Developer and can work on PHP/Laravel and also make some front end projects. Now a days I am fully focused to achieve my only two goals, laravel and front end i.e. BS4 (psd to html conversion).