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Thanks for your article. This is a great piece for confidence building.

Confidence in yourself and your abilities is important for fuelling motivation. That confidence can be built up gradually over time, through successes, small and large.

Recognising that there's always room for improvement and growth is a great mindset to have. But since we are constantly improving and constantly facing new challenges, we need more than just a "trickle" of small, momentary confidence boosts, from overcoming day-to-day problems. Especially being, as many of us are, in this game "for the long haul".

We need a deeper, longer-term confidence in ourselves and our overall abilities – to cope with anything, not just with the problem facing us right here and now.

That confidence comes from facing problems and overcoming them and never giving up or compromising on our values. Celebrating the wins but also staying the course. Thinking 10-20 years ahead, not just 2.

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