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Great topic – thanks for posting!

The way it worked out for me is the reverse of most people – rather than doing a degree first then getting work, I got work first and then started doing a degree.

I can't speak for those who did their degree first, but the advantages I think I gained from doing work first are:

  • Earning and saving money early, resulting in holding my investments longer.
  • Learning early on what kind of work I enjoy and steering my career in that direction.
  • By knowing more about myself and the market, then being able to choose degree subjects that interested me and led me down the right path.
  • Having my life more "together" when I started the degree helped me get better marks.
  • Having several years of experience, I could qualify for more advanced masters-level subjects.
  • Working and studying simultaneously can create a great synergy, where you get to learn and then immediately apply knowledge in the real world. Employers/clients often love this and even contribute to course expenses and/or allow flexible work hours to accommodate learning.
  • Some countries (mine included) have special tax discounts for study that is directly related to your work, so you pay less than you would if you were studying without a job.

I haven't finished my degree yet, and may not finish it for a few years yet, as I'm only studying part-time.

As @rhymes mentioned, one downside to deferring the degree is that it's trickier to qualify for visas in certain countries without a full degree.


I think I'm in the first half of your situation: I'm working first now and really enjoying my job; after knowing more about myself and the market, I'm interested in learning more about the science of it: that's why I'm considering.

And I think it's a really good point that working and studying simultaneously can create a synergy, and also it could reduce the finance stress compared to going to school full-time.

Lastly and luckily, yes! In Canada, you could claim some tax credit with the paid tuition. :D

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