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Content migration from Drupal 7 to Contentful: A step-by-step guide

NOTE: This article originally appeared on the Contentful Blog. Sharing here on behalf of the author Patrick Geers.

Folks, we have an important question. Are you considering migrating your content from Drupal to Contentful? Then this post will show you how. Carpe diem!

Drupal 7 is officially reaching end of life on November 1, 2023. After that point, all support for this legacy content management system will come to a close.

So how should you plan for the change? Sure, you could start using the latest version of Drupal. Or — and maybe this is a wild and crazy idea, but hear us out — you could move everything over to a new CMS.

After all, if you’ve taken this long to move on from Drupal 7, there’s likely a good reason why you were taking your time.

Let’s hazard a guess: Was it a feeling of dissatisfaction with using a monolithic CMS? Is it too complex to maintain? Do you desire a conscious uncoupling? To upgrade to something more versatile for your content needs?

It’s time to use Contentful! We have a lot of resources on this site to outline the benefits of adopting a headless CMS. But rather than dive into a discussion about content strategy and data migration, this post explains how to migrate content from Drupal 7 to Contentful.

We’ll be outlining the workflow of a migration project step by step, together with examples, migration tools, and command line prompts.

Before we dive in, there are two prerequisites in order for this guide to be useful. First, you have worked with Drupal 7. Second, you have some knowledge of the command line interface in Contentful.

Ready? Let’s go!

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