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New types of jobs: Twitch and better YouTube

Why Twitch?

From the start, Contenda roots were deeply tied with Twitch. Our first product ever was a retention strategy for content creators. We even helped Ludwig break a Guinness World Record for most subscribers in a month on Twitch. During Covid quarantines, our founders found community and time together through Twitch streams.

Today our audience mainly identifies as developer advocates; and they use Twitch to do live builds, coworking streams, and chat with their dev communities. This type of longform content is meant to be casual and personal, which makes it hard to repurpose. Imagine sending a 3-4 hour VOD to an editor and telling them to make a 500 word blog post! Well now we’re that editor. Make more without doing more. With this change to now process Twitch videos, we’ve also modified how YouTube videos are submitted. Now, you can simply grab your YouTube URL without having to find the video ID.

How does it work?

  1. Login to your Contenda account
  2. Paste a Youtube or Twitch URL link
  3. Select Blog or Tutorial

BOOM! It’s that easy. Send us your Twitch VOD’s today!

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