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Tamás Deme 'tomzorz' for Contenda

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Netting the first Contenda SDK

We’re dropping our new .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) like it’s hot, for all you C#, F# and VB.NET code warriors out there! This baby is the fruit of our burning love for making your life with Contenda a walk in the park. Your friendly neighborhood dev advocate just got a turbo boost! And guess what? This .NET SDK is open source, up for grabs on both NuGet and Github!

Demo gif of .NET SDK

An SDK is similar to a LEGO set, providing all the necessary pieces and instructions to assemble a complex structure - all without you having to build those pieces themselves.

This release is like the first step on the moon for us - a giant leap towards making our product your new favorite content creation tool. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, and oh boy, are we stoked to see the genius stuff you’ll cook up with our SDKs! And hold on to your keyboards, ‘cause this ain’t the end of the line! We’re geared up to roll out libraries in even more languages, spreading the love to more tech advocates.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to our team on Discord or sign up for our email list.

Prepare to do more with less, ‘cause we’re just getting started!

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cassidoo profile image
Cassidy Williams

Any SDK that is the fruit of burning love is one I wanna use

tomzorz profile image
Tamás Deme 'tomzorz'

Finally I had a chance to return to where my heart really belongs ;)

philipjohnbasile profile image
Philip John Basile

I'm all about fruits and burning love. I got 82 kids. This SDK burnt a hole in my pants its so hot!

lilchenzo profile image

literally what is dot net