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Sequelize, Express.js, & Handlebars.js being turds?

My brain is sizzling, either I am overlooking a tiny detail or this is supposed to work and doesn't for whatever reason. Just trying to render by findAll() query to the page using handlebars. Here's what I have.


const library = require('../models/Library');
exports.manage_library = (req, res) => {
        .then(function(data) {
            res.render('manage-library', {
                title: "Manage Website",
                user: req.user,
                data: data
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                    {{#each data}}
                        <div class="list-group-item d-flex justify-content-between">
                            <a href="/edit-category/{{}}" class="btn btn-sm btn-warning"><i class="bi bi-pencil"></i></a>
                            <a href="/delete-category/{{}}" class="btn btn-sm btn-danger"><i class="bi bi-trash3"></i></a>
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I am new to Node & Express, this is my first serious project so forgive me if I am overlooking something minor. Basically, the above code renders the appripriate amount of list-group-item but I cannot display actual data within the list-group-item.

What the glorp am I doing wrong?! 👽

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Cory Allen


Adding raw: true; to the query fixed the issue.