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An Attempt to Make a Tiny Social Site for Stoners

As I continue to work on my code projects, I started to keep notes alongside my work so I can talk through problems and identify when it is time to walk away from the computer. This is not a tutorial, but instead a peek into my thought process as I educate myself.

We are going to make a tiny social media site for stoners using Svelte and Firebase. Here are some baseline ideas:

  • Authentication. I want people to be able to sign in through Twitter, but i may get more users if authentication is as anonymous as possible, especially with a throwaway app like this one. So, as much as I want to get fancy, let’s use e-mail link authentication (passwordless).
  • Behavior. I like the idea of seeing an anonymized heatmap of where people are stoned. This requires asking for location data which I am not too familiar with. Maybe there is a way to do this even more simply. We also could have people just log timestamps as to when they are high, and it would be like a Downdetector type thing showing times of day people are stoned.

Now that I write this, it is entirely possible to make this with something like a Google Sheet. How would we render the heatmap information in real time, though?

So, the most valuable information we can get is time and anonymized location.

Data Structure

  • Users
  • Sessions
    • Session Location
    • Session Time

Quick Test on AppSheet

This feels like something I can potentially prototype in Google Appsheet. Let’s try that first.

What’s funny is that right now I know more about Svelte and Firebase than I do AppSheet. I’m not sure if I have as much control as I’d like considering how much AI magic is being used. I cannot guarantee that I am going to get the output I want.

A screenshot of the Google AppSheet UI.

Ok, this definitely does not look like what we want.

Let’s just go back to Svelte. I think we know enough of what we want to do. However, I think I should definitely watch some videos of people using AppSheet to see what kind of social apps I can make.

[ ... ]

Hours later and I still find myself in AppSheet because it intrigues me and I feel like I should be able to make what I’m imagining here. I know I would probably make more progress if I switched to Svelte but I have the luxury of spending time to familiarize myself with AppSheet.

Another screenshot of the Google AppSheet UI.

This is looking a little bit better.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is optimized for individual use. I don’t think it’s the best for doing the social things that I’m hoping to accomplish. Unless I’m missing something.

We are yak shaving at this point so I think it’s finally time to pivot to Svelte.


My worry about Svelte is UI, but I guess I can worry about that later. We are definitely equipped enough to build front end first, which is what I think I’m going to do. Once we have that dummy app up and running, I think it will be a better time to apply Firebase to the backend. So, let’s focus primarily on frontend first.

This video inspired me to get started today:

[ ... ]

Initial frontend is looking good.

A screenshot of my site, a work in progress. There is no CSS styling, though there are users and posts.

Location may have to come later, but it will look something like this:

Google Maps Platform Documentation | Geocoding API | Google Developers

[ ... ]

Alright, now we are jumping into passwordless sign in.

A screenshot of an error message: "Invalid Link Domain".

This is the error I’ve been stuck on for a couple hours. Can’t figure it out. This may be the time to gut the things that don’t work and to consider a different way for folks to log in.

[ ... ]

The good news is that anonymous login works, but this does not offer the functionality I am looking for.

[ ... ]

Anonymous login is working well enough, the thing I want to do to end today is to get Firestore up and running.

[ ... ]

We have Firestore functionality! I am on a roll. I think this is enough for today, as I will have to eat dinner soon.

For shits and giggles let’s try to deploy.


Deploying turned out to be a shit show, spent two hours running around trying to figure that out. It looks like the main problem is that my app has server-side-rendering (SSR) which means I need to host some Firebase Cloud Functions in order for my app to run. This sounds involved so I’m going to wait to do this another time.

This github provides what I think is the most likely solution to my problem.


Came home after smoking weed and drinking wine and solved the deploy issue immediately. Lmao, we have a silly little prototype up and running.

[ ... ]

And now it doesn’t work again.


Fixed it. Basically I had to disable SSR for the compile, allowing me to upload a static site. I implemented the svelte static site adapter and wrote a snippet of code in the +layout.js file of my routes.

Setting pre-render to true.

Using the svelte static adapter.

I will also need to read this:

Using Environment Variables With SvelteKit


  • [ ] Give users the ability to delete their own posts.
  • [ ] Create functionality to only be able to post three times every hour.


We finally added the custom url, which was bugging because the instructions from Firebase are out of date (or simply just different for Namecheap?). Once I started writing “@” in the “Host” field on Namecheap instead of the typed out url, the connection went through. How am I supposed to know this? I say this as I clearly remember the few other times I’ve tried to use a custom URL and have experienced the same problem.

Screenshot of completed project.

Screenshot of completed project.

I'd share the final result, but this project is neither secure nor scalable. I learned a lot, and while I will probably be sharing this silly little toy with my friends, I think I need to tighten the security and make sure I'm not paying out the ass for services like the Google Maps Geocoding.

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