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@mzanggl thanks for this article. I am interested in making my Laravel app quick to render (client-side), but SEO is super-important so I need SSR.
What are your thoughts on inertiajs vs nuxt vs

inertiajs, in case you are unfamiliar:
I just havent gone deep enough to see if SSR works with inertia.


I really like the idea of inertiajs, have been playing around with a while ago as well. But not sure if it is production ready yet, it's rather new. As far as I know though, the DOM will still be rendered through JS. With that in mind I would go with nuxtjs. Nuxt also provides more benefits than just SSR, you will get a proper battery included vue framework.

The solution I used for this article was only because I already had an app and couldn't afford to rewrite it with Nuxt.


Makes a lot of sense @michael
I'm biting the bullet and going with Nuxt (As painful as it is).

Cheers and you have a new github follower.

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