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Shristi Singh
That non reg-ex!
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When I first started, I was 14 or 15, the little dabble and dazzle of Java. No one around me, had even slightest clue of coding and how really far it can take one. Coding, the overall development mania, fascinates me, because like all arts, it is CREATION. Even if this sounds wicked, it makes me feel powerful. The amaze I felt when the machine prompted stuff for very first time to this day when I get a Material UI component right.

The fascination is constant and so is the frustration. The term

love-hate relationship

was coined for programmers only. True story.
WE love creating stuff but also, we think every minute of taking a dagger and stabbing the web page.

When I started, it was humble Java and HTML routines(CodePen and SoloLearn have been a blessing).
I had no guidance till I was 17, I do believe everyone who taught me has been amazing, in different ways and I enjoyed being the loud snob, who knows stuff among who didn't for a long time. It's past, I am a better person now. But a great teacher changes a lot. In my final year in school, my computer teacher got me too realize that I know so little, his constant push and plain truth got me even more interested and that's how I am now an Undergrad in COMPUTER SCIENCE.
I have been learning a lot and there is so long to go, before imposter syndrome creeps in again, I would just say even if one doesn't remember all of a sudden HOW TO CENTER A DIV!! It is okay.
Google got our back!

OKAY so I didn't write my struggles and what I have achieved as a woman in Tech, cause I AM SORRY, but it irks me.

There will always be people to tell you their detrimental POV and where "they" see you, but they are not a compiler so I am never going to listen.
It is amazing truly to see these powerful women working up and about, in spite of what some awful beings have got to say.
But my way of tackle has always been rage in silence and don't care at all. The barks never slow the elephant parade!

So this is to WOMEN in tech, who code and create like they have been, given the existence of humanity.

And rest of you all, who keep commenting AND trying to pull people down, you need to woman up and learn!


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