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What is this "Javascript Engine" they speak about?

comscience profile image kapeel kokane ・1 min read

The Premise

If you are not living under a rock or inside a cave for the past decade, chances are, you have come across this magical programming language called Javascript.

I call it magical because it started out as a language to add interactions to your static html page back in 1994 and today, it powers the backend services of some giants in the industry like Netflix.

The Basics

So Javascript is that code that provides functionality to your code. It is either executed inside the browser environment or inside the operating system environment via something like node.JS.

But how are these lines of code that you write finally understood by the environment where you are executing that code? This is where the Javascript engine comes into the picture. It is that entity that converts this high-level language into something that your "environment" can make sense of.

The explanation

I created a small animated video explaining the core concepts around the engine in chrome.

Some things covered in the video are:

  • What exactly the javascript engine.
  • How it differs between different browsers.
  • What are the different code optimizations it applies.

Do check out the video and feel free to share your feedback:

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