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Next.JS is awesome!

kapeel kokane
Coder by day, YouTuber by night, Learner at heart!
・2 min read

Hey folks,

I recently stumbled upon a requirement: A blog/portfolio website for all my content creation activities. I wanted it to be a one stop destination for all my content.


Basically, there are the different places where I create content:

Product Requirement

The product requirement was simple - A home page where users would land and get a summary/dashboard of the best content from all the 3 places mentioned above. And then a side-menu where they can naviagte between a detailed list of all of these.

Technical Requirement

My tech requirement was different. I have been working with react for quite some time now but this time around, I thought to experiment with SSR (Server side rendering). I wanted to experience the power of pre-rendering and also get advantage of the SEO that comes along with SSR. I know that gatsby and next were two of the most famous ways to accomplish the above.

tl;dr - I checked out next.JS first and fell in love with it (Still haven't looked at Gatsby). 😛

Next.JS - What I was looking for

So what did I find in next.js?

I found exactly what I was looking for:

  • I would still code my SSR blog with react! ❤️
  • The pre-rendered pages
  • automatic routing based on file paths (how aweosme is that!)
  • Sass support
  • Zero configuration deployment with vercel!

It was all too good to be true. I was able to push the first build of my blog (rather a raw build) to production in about 2 hours in total from the point of creating the repo. And the cherry on top: vercel even provides you a free domain!

I'll still hold off from sharing the first build of my blog as it is still a work in progress. But the experience so far has been flawless! fingers crossed. 🤞🏽

Kudos team vercel!

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Shubham Kamath

You got some interesting YouTube videos on your channel. Waiting for more on next!

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kapeel kokane Author

Thanks a lot! Don't forget to subscribe to the channel :)

shubhamk profile image
Shubham Kamath

Already did and added videos to my list which I'll be watching this weekend 😬

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jmojico profile image
Julian Mojico

oowwww ...I was expecting some insights about NextJs....and to see your blog in action.
Let us know when it's ready, I look forward to read your next article!

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kapeel kokane Author

Thanks Julian. The blog will be ready in a week. Will write another article when done. :)

zzoukk profile image

Did you try Sapper after Next? I thought I love Next but for performance reasons I picked Sapper in the end.

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