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Looking for your next UI framework? Look no more!

comscience profile image kapeel kokane ・2 min read

Hi There!

Are you starting to build your next project and are confused about which UI library to use?

Then let me share my 5 cents of knowledge with you.

I came across this framework called Ant Design a few months back and since then, I have been in awe of the capabilities it has to offer. Later on, I found out that it was not a newbie in town and a lot of big players like Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu were already using Ant Design for their user interfaces.

What I liked most about the framework was that the design language focussed more on a whitespace-centric, clean, minimalistic look and feel.

While Ant Design is strongly opinionated with respect to its design principles, following them with due diligence leads to the development of visually aesthetic user interfaces.

All the commonly used artifacts used during web development like typography, Icons, Layout are provided by the framework along with the necessary source code to use those in your projects. Not only are the basic components like textbox, checkbox, radio-buttons are provided, but in addition to that, complex, composite components are also present, which can be tweaked as per convenience by passing the relevant props.

The design library was written from the beginning with React support in mind so all the components provided are 'react-first'. But, there is also community effort in place to create vue and angular equivalents.

If you are curious to know more details about the library, check out this blog post written by me for the Logrocket blog some time back, use it in your project and let me know what you think about the library.


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