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Posted on dreams was sponsored by the wonderful Sprout Social, February 11th. This time we used the concept of dreams to help inspire people to show off projects related to it! The turnout was wonderful, and I'm always impressed by what people present :D There was a range of different creative mediums people expressed their code in: visual, audio, and interactive. Please review's code of conduct if you plan to attend.

Audience of computer dot art


Artist: Jim Plaxco

Project: Noise Reconstruction of Nighthawks

The noise reconstruction of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks uses a Perlin noise particle system to build the painting using Processing.

Artist: Dubi Kaufmann

Project: Instagram Playground

Person in front of screen talking, second person is looking at screen

Dubi revealed some awesome Instagram effects using Spark AR. The first project involved a user tilting their head to rotate an object to mimic the rotation of an oncoming shape! Another project was a roulette for blood types, probably a perfect game for vampires!

Artist: Ryan McGill

Project: Letter Potato

Person talking with screen behind them with letters

Ryan created a fun game, Letter Potato, that users would arrange a collection of characters into the longest valid word possible: 'hirtjsdt' => 'thirst'. The project leveraged AWS Lambda to manage the game's back end.

Artist: Austin Andrews

Project: Gif Animator

The process used to make Material Design Icon gifs automatically was far less code than expected and way interesting! Check out the post here, NodeJS SVG to Animated Gif.

Artist: Eric J Nesser

Project: Animation Effects

Person looking at screen, screen is a web browser on Instagram

Eric's been extremely focused on particle systems in Blender, and specifically FLIPS Fluids. The viscosity effects and fracture modifier support are extremely cool, check out the library!

Artist: Jake Albaugh

Project: Arpeggiator

Person in front of screen, screen has buttons for music

Jake's been working on various musical projects with JavaScript and tone.js but the latest involves a board for creating music! Here's a clip of Jake showing it off on Twitter.

Artist: Arianna Rudawski

Project: Shaders

Person in front of screen, screen is showing raster process for video game shaders

Arianna gave a presentation on how she creates shaders in C++, and teaching everyone about pixel manipulation. The talk covered how shifting pixel values like the red values allow an engineer to do pixel manipulation.

Artist: Brian Montana

Project: Cool Cry

Cool Cry is a JavaScript canvas particle system using a cool cry image.


Thank you to Sprout Social's Katy Harth for helping us with the space and food! Thank you to Marvin for documenting, assisting and photographing the event. Thanks to everyone who attended, presented, and support us :D We couldn't have the event with ya'll! See ya next time :D

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