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Steven Randolph
Steven Randolph

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Poll: Please answer a few HPE questions.

I am curious to hear what others know and think about HPE. I do not work for HPE. I am simply trying to get an understanding of the company software/DevOps wise. Not knowing or having heard of HPE is important to know too.

Thanks to all.

  1. Do you associate HPE with DevOps?

  2. When you hear Hewlett Packard, what things come to mine?

  3. Have you used an HPE product in the normal course of building a software app? Was that product hardware or software and which one(s).

  4. Would you consider using the HPE container platform in place of your current container platform?

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Steven Randolph

Thank for your reply.

I changed the text of the 1st question. My intent was to ask what things come to mind when you hear "Hewlett Packard".