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Discussion on: How are people using AWS Lambda

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Steven Randolph

For clients, I (we) generate AWS Lambda as the service access layer for application control and CRUD implementation. For NoSQL scenarios, we directly use MongoDB and for relational database scenarios we access a generated remote data layer to handle the state maintenance required for fast database transactions. Otherwise, due to the stateless nature of Lambda, firing queries to a relational database directly or through an ORM (like Hibernate) is painfully slow. All in all, performance is not an issue in either scenarios.

We will take a look at Dashbird to help with debugging and monitoring function execution/performance.

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John Demian Author

I too have seen a lot of companies using Lambda for the simple CRUD implementation and they do seem to be a great fit for those "fire and forget" type functions. I'd love to talk more about the way you guys are using Lambda inhouse. Send me a twitter message @johndemian if you think you have the time to talk.