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Creating reports from MariaDB databases

Learn how to easily bind report generator List & Label to MariaDB data to create comprehensive reports and other output in various formats.

What is MariaDB?

MariaDB is a free relational database system created from a fork of MySQL. It is compatible with MySQL in almost all respects and can thus be connected in the same way.

Creating reports from MariaDB data sources

List & Label can be easily bound to MariaDB data. This allows you to create comprehensive reports based on your existing MariaDB data. Relational links are also supported, allowing you to drill down or drill through your data.

How can List & Label be linked to MariaDB data sources?

Since the release of version 28 in 2022, List & Label offers the MariaDBConnectionDataProvider.

A minimal sample for using the new provider would be:

using MariaDBConnectionDataProvider provider = new MariaDBConnectionDataProvider(
    using ListLabel LL = new ListLabel();
        LL.DataSource = provider;
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which gives the following result in the Designer:

result mariaDB query in designer

If you do not want to provide all but only some tables in Designer, you can also use the DbCommandSetDataProvider to connect to MariaDB databases.

More about MariaDB and List & Label

You can also find more valuable information about using List & Label in the .NET Tutorial.

It doesn’t matter if you have a classic Windows desktop or a modern web application using ASP.NET - the List & Label data providers can be used in both worlds.

Want to see more or try it for yourself?

Have a look at the Online Demo or get the fully-functional List & Label trial if you want to try it yourself

Please leave a reply to this post if you have any questions about creating reports with List & Label based on data from MariaDB databases or if you are missing information on this topic.

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