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Productionize multi AWS Accounts (org-formation Landing Zone)

Following-on from the 'Landing Zones, Organizations, OUs and Multi-Account Environments blog', I decided to "practice what I preach" with my personal AWS Accounts!

Currently I have 5-10 Accounts for different workloads (spikes, storage of personal data, web app hosting etc); I have had these accounts for many years and I manually used AWS Organizations via the Console to create & manage them

NO guardrails or SCPs have been implemented, I have probably deployed & configured some AWS services wrong and I have probably created IAM users with broad (*) permissions

The purpose of this blog is to address the above concerns; To refactor my accounts into a Landing Zone that follows the AWS best practices.

My Accounts - Current Account Architecture

The below Diagram shows my current Account structure

Alt Text

org-formation - Overview

Taken from github org-formation; AWS Organization Formation is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool for AWS Organizations.

org-formation orchestrates CloudFormation and AWS Organizations for account creation and resource provisioning

Tasks / Features

Tasks files can be added to enable a variety of Automated features such as:

  • OrganizationAccountAccessRole restrictions (SCPs)
  • Budget Alarms
  • AWS Access Key Rotation checks
  • Enabling CloudTrail
  • Centralising and Enabling Guard Duty
  • Many IAM Configurations (Password Policy, force MFA)
  • Many S3 Configurations (Prohibit Read & Write, Enable encryption)
  • VPC Security Groups conform to (user-defined) ALLOW list

This feature list is what I intend to implement on my Accounts.
For the full list of available org-formation features, please refer to the 40mb pdf

FYI on Tooling Decision

Control Tower? Terraform? CloudFormation? org-formation? CDK?...

  • It is not the purpose of this post to go into the detailed comparisons of these tools.

I am an AWS Architect at Version 1, I have experienced all of the above tools used to produce Landing Zones for Clients.

org-formation (DAPx)

One of the Version 1 DAPx Landing Zone Accelerators is built upon org-formation, I have used this for my Landing Zone.

  • It is not the purpose of this post to sell DAPx, please message me if you would like to know more about DAPx,

My Accounts - Target Accounts Architecture Design

The below diagram shows the Target Account structure that is aligned to the best practices & architecture detailed in the 'LZs, Organizations, OUs and Multi-Account Environments blog'

Alt Text

Development Summary

org-formation is a highly flexible and powerful toolkit, to prevent content bloat I will provide only a few code/console snippets for key important featues.

IAM Role - Account/OU Access

Alt Text
Alt Text

Secure Defaults

Alt Text

Budget Alarms

Alt Text
Alt Text


Alt Text
Alt Text

AWS Config

Centralised AWS Config in the Master Account, AWS Config has access to all member/child accounts.
The LogArchive Bucket is in the LogArchive Account, this has Access Restrictions and Cleardown Policies by-default
AWS Config Findings Alerts (inc SNS Topic by-default), All AWS Config Managed Rules are available to use
Alt Text


Alt Text


Alt Text
Alt Text

The End Result

The below diagram shows the final Account Structure & AWS Services that have now been implemented
Alt Text

Cleanup on isle "Config Findings"

Alt Text
These Config Rule Alerts include:

  • access-keys-rotated
  • iam-password-policy
  • root-account-mfa-enabled
  • s3-bucket-server-side-encryption-enabled
  • vpc-sg-open-only-to-authorized-ports

Once I have remediated these I will feel a lot better about the security of my AWS accounts!

Thank you for reading, constructive feedback is welcomed.

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edeastwood profile image

Interesting. Did you run this as a pipeline or one off from the CLI?
What was your starting point for the templates; blank canvas or starting with the org-formation-reference implementation?

colwillis profile image

CLI - Because the changes to the LZ are not expected to be frequent, I couldn't justify spending the time to create a pipeline!