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Collins Mutai
Collins Mutai

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Zuri internship August 2021 Cohort

My name is Collins Mutai, a fullstack software engineer from Kenya. I am on the backend development track for the August 2021 Zuri internship cohort. Zuri internship ia a 3 month long remote internship that enables participants to learn and improve their skills by working on real-world projects.
Upon successful completion of the Zuri internship, I hope to achieve the following goals.

  • Gain hands-on experience in a real work environment setting.
  • Build a portfolio of real-world projects.
  • Widen my network and collaborate with other students across the globe.
  • Gain mentorship from industry experts.

To all newbies, entry levels, intermediate and experts this is an opportunity to improve your knowledge and advance your career. Checkout the link attached to learn more. []

Below is some helpful beginner-friendly tutorial to get you up-to speed on the technologies that will be used during the internship period; Figma, Git and Python.
Figma tutorial
Git tutorial
Python tutorial

Get in touch and feel free if you have any questions, will be happy to help. Happy coding!

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