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Favicons in 2022: you only need 1 SVG favicon

The time has come to end the favicon craziness... Starting from 2022 it makes sense to use only 1 favicon in SVG format.

Is it a dream? No, it's real. This simple solution works for modern browsers.

Simply use an SVG favicon:

<link rel="icon" href="/icon.svg">
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  • Supported by major browsers (except Safari in 2021) and Living Standard
  • Only 1 short line of code and simple to remember
  • Other attributes like type and sizes are not necessary
  • Scales much better at any size compared to PNG
  • Let's end the favicon craziness with hundreds of different sizes...

I have already used this strategy for our latest website ( and it works perfectly on Chrome and other major browsers. You can test it yourself. Just 1 favicon for all browsers and all sizes!

For Apple Safari, the only missing browser, let's ask them to become standard-compliant... (btw, they are becoming the new IE). You can send a tweet to @webkit for feature requests (they suggest that on their official bug tracker).

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