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How do you know if your ecommerce site is hit by a Google Core Update?

What are Core Updates?

Several times a year, we make significant, broad changes to our search algorithms and systems. We refer to these as "core updates." They're designed to ensure that overall, we're delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers. These core updates may also affect Google Discover.

What site owners should know about Google's core updates @ Google

A few times a year Google push out Core Updates which shake up search results with the aim of improving results for Google users.

If you own or manage an ecommerce website's SEO, you may notice that your site has been impacted by a Google Core Update and wonder what you can do.

How do you know if your ecommerce website has been hit by a Core Update?

Check your analytics and Search Console to see if you can pinpoint the approximate date your rankings/traffic was hit.

Then see if this matches up with a date in a list of algorithm/Google Core Updates or a recent update announced by Google's Search Liaison on Twitter.

Google also recently released their own list of Core Updates here.

What are the symptoms of being hit by a Core Update?

Usually you will see your rankings and traffic to your products and categories go down, and will mostly likely see a fall in sales also.

What to do about it?

Make sure you are following all ecommerce SEO best practice by checking our guide to ecommerce SEO.

Google also have a guide to SEO basics you can read here.

What we would recommend is to:

  • Not panic
  • Improve the quality of your site
  • Make sure your site does not have any technical issues
  • Audit the quality of your content
  • Audit your site for low quality pages that are unlikely to answer the queries they are trying to rank for

We hope this quick guide was useful.

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