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How I code in 2020

Here's what I use on my personal computer!

Operating System

I run Pop!_OS 20.10 on my main laptop.

It's based on Ubuntu and it's the fastest and most productive Linux distribution that I've ever used!

Development Tools

Visual Studio Code

My main code editor. It's has an easy to use layout, very customisable and is widely supported!


I use this for Version control

Thanks to Git, I can code features in parallel using feature branches.

If something goes wrong with my code, I can easily revert back to a working state.


I love the enhancements that it adds to my terminal!:

  • Color-coding
  • Developer environement information
  • Current git status
  • and more...


Not only is it an excellent browser, I'm also a big fan of the developer tool sections available there:

  • Accessibility: Makes it much easier to test for WCAG requirements
  • (Web) Console: There's an option to open a side bar that let's you easily write multi-line JavaScript code.

Also, it's one of the only browsers that reads that gets the "prefers-color-scheme" value from the Pop!_OS, (As far as I'm aware)

Design Tools


I make mockups and protoypes here before I start writign code that involves a UI.

By the way, it's free and works on all operating systems since it's browser-based!

I hope you've found some tools that help you with your work.

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