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Web Monetization API, What you need to know. Short and concise.

Web monetization in layman terms is making money from traffic to your websites, as easy as that. Most websites do this through:

Pay Per Click PPC- get paid when an ad is clicked by site visitors
Cost Per Impression CPI- get paid when an ad is displayed and viewed by site visitors.

So basically the existing ways of making money from your website involved putting ads on your website, and truthfully ads atimes are very annoying, your privacy is invaded, user experience is diminished for example why will an ad cover the content of a web page you are reading, it's so annoying.

A new standard of making money on the web is being advocated, it is called the Web Monetization API. Web monetization API seeks to solve the problems of present monetization schemes, that is no ads, no invasion of privacy, the user enjoys the website, and the website owner still earns.
From, web monetization API is a JavaScript Browser API which allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website, the payment occurs in real time. Just by adding a line of code to your website or specifying a streaming channel to earn.

How it works:

  1. The website or website owner needs a wallet to receive payments.
  2. User/ Website visitor needs a wallet to send payments.
  3. The browser initiates payment in the background.

Chrome and Firefox browser support it as an extension.
Puma browser supports it totally.

So a future without annoying ads and privacy thieves may be possible. Keep this in mind.

Check out the following for more gist:

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