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Wanna Start a Journey Into Tech Writing, get in here.

One thing I found out is, some times it becomes hard to start something, when you see so many people that are 'big names' or experts in that field you want to enter. It's like a standard is already set, and you feel what's the need of even starting.

You forget that those people ahead always had a beginning, and like you they likely had people ahead of them.
So friend don't be afraid to start, just do it.

Some Useful Tips for Tech Writers

Have the interest & Choose a Niche

This cannot be overemphasized, else you wane out in the journey, choose a niche you find interest in or are curious about.
There could be so many things that drive your passion for writing, but overall let it be that "you are delivering a great content to the world" that people will enjoy.
There are many areas in tech you can write about, though it's possible to be a 'Jack of All Trade', but I wouldn't recommend this for someone still new to writing in the tech world.

If you find choosing a niche difficult:

  • You can check out what others are writing about, along the line you may get inspired.
  • You can also write about your learning journey no matter what level you are in, it will help others.
  • You could also choose a niche based on what's trending, what people are searching about, just go to Google Trends, you will see what people are searching about.
  • Some technologies that people are not so clear about, you can do research, then break it down in a clearer way to people. and many more.

Have mentors or (people who also write)
On for example, you can follow writers who you enjoy reading their content or are also in your niche. You could also have a mentor who will guide you, there are a lot of good writers out there who you could learn one or two from.

Do your research well
When writing have it at the back of your mind, that people are definitely gonna read your content, and it would be bad if your content contains error or it's outdated, it may be frustrating on the reader's end.
Your content is what always brings the user back, if you want to make content that brings readers back then do your research well. Remember great writers are also great readers.

Other tips:
Be specific- let's say you are writing a tutorial for Django developers, specify the technologies and tools you are using, it will prevent some 'banging of the keyboard moment'.
Feedback- You can always ask for feedback and do well to help readers who are confused about something in your content. I have seen many contents on the web that lack this, they just drop content for the readers and that's it.
Keep Yourself updated

Last, the ocean you see today was formed by yesterday's little drop, add a little drop daily and you will be surprised at the ocean you form, write as much as possible and enjoy yourself.

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Vaibhav Dwivedi

I have started my writing journey and your tips are helpful! Thank you.

coledrain profile image

You are welcome. Have a great journey.