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Starting an Internship at HNG - My Goals Checklist

Hello devs , one thing I have learnt in my dev journey is the importance of having a goal, so this is me documenting my journey through the HNG internship.

A quick one about HNG, HNG is a virtual internship operated by Zuri, that helps devs scale their career with real world experience.

I believe setting goals for any journey, can help you appreciate how far you've gone at the end.

I would love to push myself a bit, so I'm participating in 3 tracks: Backend, Frontend and Mobile. I know it's gonna be tough, but I believe I can do this.

My Goals include:

  • Create meaningful connections with other developers.
  • Improve my tolerance to pressure.
  • Improve my current know-how in the back-end, front-end and mobile stack by learning from mentors.
  • Create projects confidently from start to finish.
  • Learn how to work with a team(never have).
  • Gain real world experience

I will be back here again to see how well I did.

Wish me luck

For more details on HNG visit Zuri Internship

Some Resources to Help Beginners

  1. Learn to design with Figma
  2. Learn how to use Git
  3. Learn about HTML
  4. Learn Python from the docs
  5. Getting Started with Go
  6. Build Mobile Apps with Kotlin

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