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Chatting Via the Command Line (ssh)

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Hello devs, trust you're doing great.

I came across this cool repository on GitHub Made by Ishan Goel.

It's called Devzat

Devzat is chat over SSH: devzat (GitHub Link).
Because there's SSH apps on all platforms, even on mobile, you can join from anywhere.

To use, just open your command prompt and run this command:
make sure you're connected to the internet, of course.

Run cmds to see a list of commands.

Interesting features:
• Rooms! Run cd to see all rooms and use cd #foo to join a new room.
• Markdown support! Tables, headers, italics and everything. Just use \n in place of newlines.
• Code syntax highlighting. Use Markdown fences to send code. Run eg-code to see an example.
• Direct messages! Send a quick DM using =user or stay in DMs by running cd @user.
• Timezone support, use tz Continent/City to set your timezone.
• Built in Tic Tac Toe and Hangman! Run tic or hang to start new games.
• Emoji replacements! 🚀 => (like on Slack and Discord)

Devs this is cool, come try it out, and drop your feedback.

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