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Equipping yourself with Excel increase job opportunities

In today's world, having tech skills is crucial for success and increasing job opportunities. Learning a software skill in the 21st century is valuable, and one such skill is Microsoft Excel.

Over the past few months, I have been exploring the capacity and features of Excel, and it has been an eye-opener. Excel is the most popular and widely used spreadsheet application in the industry. It is used for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data, as well as for advanced calculations with its functions and formulas, and graphical representations.

Due to its effectiveness and features, Excel is used in almost every industry. Having advanced knowledge in Excel can make you stand out and open up job opportunities in data analysis, data science, data engineering, business intelligence analysis, accounting, database management/administration, and more. While other skills are necessary, Excel is a fundamental skill for working in these professions.

Adding Excel as a skill on your CV can give you an edge and increase your potential as a prospective employee. It allows you to carry out administrative duties, create data reports, manage projects and budgets, and collect, organize, and analyze data for decision-making.

It's important to recognize that Excel is more than just a Microsoft application that comes with your system or office application package. Learning and using Excel is just as important as any other Microsoft Office application. Fortunately, access to tutorials is easy to find online, on platforms like YouTube or e-learning websites.

Learning Excel doesn't have to be difficult; you can self-tutor yourself. I have found to be a very effective platform for learning. You can practice alongside your learning.
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Taking a step with Excel can improve your job hunting opportunities and your potential as an effective employee. Whether you want to add an advanced skill to yourself or become a data analyst or data scientist, Excel and other spreadsheet applications are valuable tools that you can use.

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