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CoinTracker: The New Gold Standard for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking

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If you are still using spreadsheets or something like Blockfolio to track your crypto assets, this post is for you.

For the longest time, that was me. I was trading cryptocurrencies and lost my mind trying to keep track of what the heck was going on. How much fiat have I invested in this? What is my cost basis? How am I going to do my taxes? If I have to manually enter one more trade I’m going to lose it.

How was there not a better, free way to keep track of my crypto assets? I couldn’t take it anymore so I started working on CoinTracker. It started with the goal of making it easy to track your crypto assets, and has grown from there.

Unified Dashboard
For starters, we make a very simple user experience. No confusing frills — just the high-level information you need at a glance:
CoinTracker dashboard overview page

Performance Metrics
Of course power users can also drill down into their metrics when they want to:
Performance page in CoinTracker

Cost Basis
And we show you how each trade is performing, what the realized capital gain/loss is:
Capital gains calculated per trade; transfers automatically detected

Perhaps best of all, this is all powered by a secure framework of view-only access to your various wallets and exchanges so that you never have to enter another transaction again:
13 of the top exchanges are already supported on CoinTracker

And underlying all of this is all the good old cryptocurrency information that you expect from any tracker:
Follow the top 100 cryptocurrencies at all times

And it’s all free (we plan to monetize with some premium subscription features down the road, but the tracking functionality remains free). At the end of the day, I just want folks to be able to easily manage their funds. So stop settling for anything less than the gold standard in tracking! Looking forward to your thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms at

See What People Are Saying

“I have been so frustrated with all the worthless crypto portfolio tracking junk apps. I have tried them all, I mean all of them … like 23. I just wanted to say thank you for this app. It’s perfect in every way and now I can sleep. You got a loyal customer for life.” — P.V.

“Really, you’re receptive to changing based on feedback which portends good things for your venture. The Toyota ‘kaizen’ production system in action!” — B.P.

“[CoinTracker] is excellent ;)” — F.P.

“Really awesome product!” —D.G.

“I’ve switched over completely from Blockfolio and really loving the product.” — B.S.

“Thank you for the awesome service! Will definitely be recommending to others.” — J.W.

“I‘ve just recommended your site to a number of people in my bitcoin groups. All avid Coin Stats users but Coin Stats doesn’t track as well as your software does so hoping they may use yours instead.” — H.T.

“Thank you for a great service. This is exactly what I was looking for, and it even has a few features that I didn’t know I needed before I actually had them.” D.F.

“So much better than Blockfolio.” — E.R.

“the most promising [cryptocurrency portfolio tracker]” — J.G.

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