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Discussion on: How do you keep yourself productive?

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Anastasia 🏄🏻‍♀️ Author • Edited on

My advice might sound strange, but a cup of Joe gives me a boost.

I usually work in the flow state and keep my productivity at its highest. But in the middle of the day, when I fall out of the flow, I take a walk to the nearest coffee shop and treat myself with a cup of cappuccino.

I'm one of those weirdos who like their tea and coffee cold, so I sip a single cup of coffee the whole afternoon. It makes me feel refreshed, and having a sip every minute or two creates a weirdly satisfying routine that gets me through the rest of the day 😅

And back to the topic of the flow state, I prefer listening to some lo-fi or trip-hop tunes and having all my work chats and notifications off. Once I get distracted, it's hard to catch the flow state again.


  • remove all the distractions
  • listen to some lo-fi or trip-hop tunes
  • have a walk in the middle of the day
  • have a cup of coffee in the afternoon
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Deepak Adhana

I follow some of the things u mentioned. I think, this routine is perfect if it works for you. Follow things or build habits that work best for you.

Although, I need to add workout some where between coffee and my next coding session.