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Discussion on: The Heartbreaks of Interviewing During COVID19

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Christina Gorton

I have not been interviewing for a year. You are incredible.
But I have been interviewing for a few months now and every rejection stings. I have a folder labelled "applied to" in my Gmail and that list is growing way too long. Today I got my first "we wanted to give you the role but we have a hiring freeze" 😭 It was a great role. And even more than that I know that means I have to keep interviewing which just about breaks me too. I'm so sorry you have been doing this for a year. Your posts are always inspiring and I hope the perfect opportunity comes to you soon. If you ever want some one to commiserate with feel free to reach out. ❤️

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Victoria Crawford Author • Edited

Ugh. I know how much it sucks to hear that. I’m so sorry. You’re right though, it just means you have to keep interviewing because you’re that much closer to finally getting that offer. ♥️ (ps I’m saying this as much to myself as I am to you lol).

Same to you about reaching out!

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