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TestOps: The Future of Software Testing

Although terms like “quality testing” may seem modern, software testing has been around since the advent of computing roughly 70 years ago. Harvard University scientist Grace Murray coined the terms “bugging” and “debugging” in 1947 when a literal “bug” — in this case, a moth — got stuck in the computer circuitry and interrupted a connection. Since then, software testing has evolved rapidly with the increasing complexity of computer applications, and it continues to evolve. Nowadays there are many different software testing approaches, depending on the functionality of the software and what you want to test it for, but the overall goal of any software test is to provide an objective assessment of the quality of the software and the risk of its failure. As the capabilities and intricacies of computer software have grown, testing has, by necessity, become its own field, to the point where it can and should be operationalized to be done correctly.

This article discusses modern testing operations, or TestOps, and provides a definition of TestOps, reviews the difference between TestOps and DevOps, and explains what to look for in a TestOps solution.

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