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Creating a png of Your Memoji Contact Photo (the easy way)

If you, like me, are one of the many people who adore the ability to generate a slick memoji profile picture with a nice pastel background, and then have the novel idea that you'd like to use that picture outside of your iMessage, read on!

You will need a mac to use this workflow! We will use the built-in tool Preview to do our modifications, but you can use many other services to accomplish the same thing.

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create your memoji profile picture (either on macOS or iOS). While creating your profile picture, take a screenshot after you choose a background (e.g. this stage:
    Alt Text

  2. If you're on an iPhone/iPad, send that over to your Mac. Now on your Mac, open that screenshot in Preview where we will crop it to a square. Click the icon highlighted to use the rectangular crop tool, and proceed to crop a square around your profile picture by pressing ⌘ + K.

if you don't see the toolbar you can click "Help" in the menubar and type "mark" and then select the "Show Markup Toolbar" option.

Screenshot_2021-04-24 08.45.28_bLKPbj

  1. Now we can use the magic tool which apparently is called "instant alpha". This is a nice little hidden tool inside Preview that allows you to select the perimeter of a matching color up to that color's boundary, and then delete that to make said area transparent. Here's where you can find it: Screenshot_2021-04-24 08.48.17_7mQHsD

All you need to do is click inside the boundary. Depending on your crop you may need to do it four times, but I just needed to do it once:
Screenshot_2021-04-24 08.54.28_NtQdTG

Press delete to remove those colored pixels and voilá! We now have a beautiful seemingly circular memoji profile picture we can use wherever we please! Make sure to save it in a good location and start sharing this workflow with your friends 😉.

End result:
memoji profile picture

quick note about this guide: I think the ability to export the profile picture should be built into the creation of said picture, and in the future, it may be! If it is now different than when I wrote this post, please let me know and I will update it :)

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