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Ilya Nevolin
Ilya Nevolin

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Python has entered the room @ Codr

I am happy to announce that Python has been added to Codr.

You can switch between JavaScript and Python editions by clicking the link on the bottom of Codr:

python edition on codr


Codr is a mobile friendly coding app. Learn how to read, understand and write code. Participate in coding competitions and climb the leaderboards. A great exercise for complete beginners and challenging to experts. Codr can be installed or used in the browser.

We bring simpler coding exercises to kids, students and professionals. Writing code is monkey business, instead you solve challenges in multiple choice style. This means you have to read and understand the code, this trains you on pattern recognition, abstract thinking and math.

Codr can also be used by recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates. Instead of using time consuming coding projects, you can use Codr to check whether your candidate is a junior, middle, senior or genius developer.



It has been a while since we made any major updates, but Python was definitely a feature many users were waiting for.

It was quite an engineering challenge to automate code conversion from the existing JS challenges to a Python equivalent. We currently have over 100 templates and more are added.

Challenge templates are used to generate actual challenges from, the ones you get on the Ranked Mode. The number of actual unique challenges ranges in the millions, so you won't run out of exercises anytime soon.

Another great thing is that there may be different answers to a challenge. This is thanks to the nature of our real-time answer validation and multiple choice combinations.

Some challenges require you to solve for a single variable, but to prevent cheaters, many more challenges include bugs which you have to fix. The bugs make you learn more about the syntax, possibilities and correctness of programming languages.

Finally we've bumped up the points and bonus rules. More experienced users can climb much quicker to their deserved difficulty and continue improving from there.


Below are a few screenshots from the Ranked Mode. These are advanced examples; if you're a beginner you will learn how to solve these in no time!

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Enjoy, have fun and join our Discord server

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