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Ilya Nevolin
Ilya Nevolin

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Celebrating 1000 DEV followers

Thank you all for supporting us! ❤️ :))

I would like to use this achievement as a start of something new.
To celebrate our progress I am going to organize interviews with you!

These interviews will introduce many of our members, by learning more about their experiences, work, dreams and ambitions. You will be allowed to promote some of your projects/websites, but we would also ask you to review Codr.

Let's do this

Shoot me an email at with more details about yourself, include your portfolio, resume, linkedin if possible. Alternatively reach out to me on Discord X0X0#3601.

Because it matters

I hope these interviews will encourage more people to appreciate and respect the work we do. But also provide insights from people across the world. Even if you're not a developer or just starting out, you are more than welcome to share your story. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, colleagues or partners!

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