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Open Source Website to Contribute as a Beginner🐱

Firstly I would like to thanks @isabelcmdcosta for the post idea.

As a beginner we all want to contribute to open-source projects. and as a beginner myself I know how hard it's to find one to contribute especially to frontend projects.
One day while completing my first freecodecamp project, I thought to myself why shouldn't I create one, so after sometime I finally able to create oneRepo link.

Here is the Deployed website. This project need lot of improvement.

Who can contribute✍️
This project is created for Beginners only.

Don't want to contribute but have suggestions💕-
You see something which can be improved or have a suggestion. Please do suggest how this website can be improved. I would love to hear from you guys.
Go easy on me guys, this is me first time posting 🙌.

Thank you.

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Shrihari Mohan • Edited on

Just created a simple redesign. Hope you like it!

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Codeitdoc7 Author

It's so simple yet so well thought and cool at the same time. I love it.
Will share the final results with you soon.

shrihari profile image
Shrihari Mohan

Awesome 🤩 !

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Stephanie Quintana

Found First Timers Only earlier this year & it’s SOOOO helpful! It’s a great huge list of just what you’re looking for. Search by company or language…hope you find something that works for you ;)