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🔥How to Make People Speak on your Behalf?🔥

codingnninja profile image Ayobami Ogundiran ・1 min read

I read the post titled, "Who is Speaking On your Behalf" by Prosper Otemuyiwa and it got me thinking throughout yesterday.

Many questions came to my mind.

I tried answering many of the questions but everything ended in dreadlock in my head as I tried to find ways to help others influence people to speak on their behalf.

I believe this discussion should be extended.

And I am extending it by asking this question:

How can you make people speak on your behalf positively?

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muncey profile image

I would say rule number 1 is the golden rule from the bible, Do to others what you want them to do to you. If people know that you are willing to defend them, that you are not looking to let them make mistakes and to point the mistakes out to others, and that you are willing to help others out when they are struggling then you will have a very positive reputation. Also use social media to help people achieve their goals and people should start talking positively about you.

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Valentin Prugnaud 🦊 (he / him)

Help them with something? I find that if you can help people with something they are working on or struggling with or anything really, most likely they'll spread the word 🙂

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Ayobami Ogundiran Author

Um! Thanks for sharing this!