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Popup Share Modal UI Design using HTML CSS & JavaScript

codingnepal profile image CodingNepal ・5 min read

Hey friends, today in this blog you'll learn how to create a Popup Share Modal UI Design using HTML CSS & JavaScript. In the previous blog, I have shared how to create a Poll UI Design in HTML CSS & JavaScript and now it's time to create Share Modal. If you're looking for some other type of modals then click here to view them all.

In this project [Popup Share Modal UI Design], at first, on the webpage, there is a view modal button, when you click on that button then the modal box appears with a popup animation. In this share modal box, there are some social media icons with pretty cool hover animation and an input box to copy the link. There is also a close icon to the right top corner to hide this modal box. To show or hide the Modal Box and copy the given link, I used JavaScript.

You can copy the codes from the given boxes or download the code files from the given link but I recommend you download the source code files instead of copying codes. Click here to download code files.

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Minimal Poll UI Design in HTML & CSS

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Created By CodingNepal - -->
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
  <title>Popup Share Modal | CodingNepal</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  <button class="view-modal">View Modal</button>
  <div class="popup">
      <span>Share Modal</span>
      <div class="close"><i class="uil uil-times"></i></div>
    <div class="content">
      <p>Share this link via</p>
      <ul class="icons">
        <a href="#"><i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i></a>
        <a href="#"><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i></a>
        <a href="#"><i class="fab fa-instagram"></i></a>
        <a href="#"><i class="fab fa-whatsapp"></i></a>
        <a href="#"><i class="fab fa-telegram-plane"></i></a>
      <p>Or copy link</p>
      <div class="field">
        <i class="url-icon uil uil-link"></i>
        <input type="text" readonly value="">

    const viewBtn = document.querySelector(".view-modal"),
    popup = document.querySelector(".popup"),
    close = popup.querySelector(".close"),
    field = popup.querySelector(".field"),
    input = field.querySelector("input"),
    copy = field.querySelector("button");

    viewBtn.onclick = ()=>{
    close.onclick = ()=>{;

    copy.onclick = ()=>{; //select input value
      if(document.execCommand("copy")){ //if the selected text copy
        copy.innerText = "Copied";
          window.getSelection().removeAllRanges(); //remove selection from document
          copy.innerText = "Copy";
        }, 3000);

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@import url(';300;400;500;600;700&display=swap');
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;
  /* background: #f2f3fb; */
  background: #7d2ae8;
  color: #fff;
  background: #7d2ae8;
.view-modal, .popup{
  position: absolute;
  left: 50%;
  outline: none;
  cursor: pointer;
  font-weight: 500;
  border-radius: 4px;
  border: 2px solid transparent;
  transition: background 0.1s linear, border-color 0.1s linear, color 0.1s linear;
  top: 50%;
  color: #7d2ae8;
  font-size: 18px;
  padding: 10px 25px;
  background: #fff;
  transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
  background: #fff;
  padding: 25px;
  border-radius: 15px;
  top: -150%;
  max-width: 380px;
  width: 100%;
  opacity: 0;
  pointer-events: none;
  box-shadow: 0px 10px 15px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
  transform: translate(-50%, -50%) scale(1.2);
  transition: top 0s 0.2s ease-in-out,
              opacity 0.2s 0s ease-in-out,
              transform 0.2s 0s ease-in-out;
  top: 50%;
  opacity: 1;
  pointer-events: auto;
  transform:translate(-50%, -50%) scale(1);
  transition: top 0s 0s ease-in-out,
              opacity 0.2s 0s ease-in-out,
              transform 0.2s 0s ease-in-out;

.popup :is(header, .icons, .field){
  display: flex;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: space-between;
.popup header{
  padding-bottom: 15px;
  border-bottom: 1px solid #ebedf9;
header span{
  font-size: 21px;
  font-weight: 600;
header .close, .icons a{
  display: flex;
  align-items: center;
  border-radius: 50%;
  justify-content: center;
  transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out;
header .close{
  color: #878787;
  font-size: 17px;
  background: #f2f3fb;
  height: 33px;
  width: 33px;
  cursor: pointer;
header .close:hover{
  background: #ebedf9;
.popup .content{
  margin: 20px 0;
.popup .icons{
  margin: 15px 0 20px 0;
.content p{
  font-size: 16px;
.content .icons a{
  height: 50px;
  width: 50px;
  font-size: 20px;
  text-decoration: none;
  border: 1px solid transparent;
.icons a i{
  transition: transform 0.3s ease-in-out;
.icons a:nth-child(1){
  color: #1877F2;
  border-color: #b7d4fb;
.icons a:nth-child(1):hover{
  background: #1877F2;
.icons a:nth-child(2){
  color: #46C1F6;
  border-color: #b6e7fc;
.icons a:nth-child(2):hover{
  background: #46C1F6;
.icons a:nth-child(3){
  color: #e1306c;
  border-color: #f5bccf;
.icons a:nth-child(3):hover{
  background: #e1306c;
.icons a:nth-child(4){
  color: #25D366;
  border-color: #bef4d2;
.icons a:nth-child(4):hover{
  background: #25D366;
.icons a:nth-child(5){
  color: #0088cc;
  border-color: #b3e6ff;
.icons a:nth-child(5):hover{
  background: #0088cc;
.icons a:hover{
  color: #fff;
  border-color: transparent;
.icons a:hover i{
  transform: scale(1.2);
.content .field{
  margin: 12px 0 -5px 0;
  height: 45px;
  border-radius: 4px;
  padding: 0 5px;
  border: 1px solid #e1e1e1;
  border-color: #7d2ae8;
.field i{
  width: 50px;
  font-size: 18px;
  text-align: center;
} i{
  color: #7d2ae8;
.field input{
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  border: none;
  outline: none;
  font-size: 15px;
.field button{
  color: #fff;
  padding: 5px 18px;
  background: #7d2ae8;
.field button:hover{
  background: #8d39fa;
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