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kotlin should have never been created, because scala exists. of course it's going to get its own libraries and grow a new ecosystem. better just to come over to scala, because we've already figured out most of the hard stuff the kotlin-using kiddies will be discovering soon


I could not agree more.

Beware of the crowd of the “beginners friendly” evangelists who would literally trample you saying “the syntax must be easy enough for everybody” and all that crap they say about Go.


Kotlin was invented because scala exists.

The thing that drove them over the edge was the compile time loop. Their secondary goals were to make the language simpler than Scala, and to add features Java developers had been asking for in Java itself.


And yet they've ended up with a language with many more special cases than Scala and poor interop with post-8 Java (in particular with the decision to integrate null tightly at the language level just as Java was moving away from it), just as many predicted at the time.

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