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Number Trivia App | JavaScript Project

JavaScript Project

Build a number trivia app where users input a number, and the app displays interesting facts related to that number. The app includes a 'Get Random Fact' button, allowing users to discover facts for random numbers. This interactive application provides both a customized experience based on user input and a fun, spontaneous element with the random fact feature.

Number Trivia App:

  • The app's primary purpose is to provide trivia or interesting facts about numbers.

User Input:

  • Users can interact with the app by inputting a specific number of their choice.

    Customized Fact Display:

  • Once the user inputs a number, the app responds by displaying a trivia fact associated with that particular number. For example, if the user enters "7," the app might present a fun or informative fact related to the number 7.

'Get Random Fact' Button:

  • The app includes a button labeled 'Get Random Fact.' When users click this button, the app generates and displays a trivia fact for a randomly selected number. This adds an element of surprise and variety to the user experience.

Key Features:

  • Customized Experience: Users can learn interesting facts about specific numbers of their choice.
  • Random Fact Feature: The app also provides the option for users to receive a trivia fact about a randomly selected number.
  • Interactive: Users engage with the app by inputting numbers and clicking buttons.


  • The app is designed for entertainment or educational purposes, offering users a playful way to explore trivia associated with different numbers.

In summary, the app allows users to input a number, receive a trivia fact related to that number, and also offers a 'Get Random Fact' button for discovering facts about randomly chosen numbers. This creates an interactive and engaging experience for users interested in exploring numerical trivia.

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