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Discussion on: How We Built a Slack Bot for Time Tracking with Ruby on Rails and Vue.js

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Codica Author • Edited


There have been changes to Slack API, this is why you have troubles.

Here's how you can make it work:

Step 1. Add this file in your project: config/secrets.yml
secret_key_base: <%= ENV['SECRET_KEY'] %>

Step 2. Considering your question: "I don't know where to fetch the "slack_token". Is it the same as the bot token (TIMEBOT_APP_TOKEN=slack_timebot_app_token)?"
Yes, you are right.

Because of changes to Slack API, now you need to get it like this:

Step 3. Clone the project

In config/dev.env.js fill BASE_API with your Heroku app URL.
Run 'yarn' && 'yarn dev'.

Step 4. Create new admin via heroku console (Admin.create(email: 'your_email', password: 'your_password')).

Please let us know of the result :)

P.S. We are planning to create an updated version considering all the changes with Slack API, however, we don't have a timeline for this at the moment.

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Richy • Edited

Thank you so much for your answer. Unfortunately I did not manage to make it work... The command still doesn't work on slack, I am making a mistake at some point.

Would you consider making a full step-by-step tutorial including those new instructions ?

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Codica Author

Sorry to hear that!

Okay, we'll make a tutorial considering all the changes, however, this will take time - we don't have free resources at the moment.

We would say, this can take at least a couple of weeks.

Will keep you updated!

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Again, thank you so much, can't wait to see it !

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Hi, just a reminder that I'm still very interested to get more instructions to install the bot !