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24 time management tips for students

  1. The goal of realization
  2. Make a daily plan
  3. Keep your agenda.
  4. Your curriculum and priorities are ready.
  5. Set your time limit.
  6. Demanding work in priority.
  7. Learn to outsource.
  8. Configure your setting place.
  9. Ignore buffer time tasks and other tasks.
  10. Go offline on social media
  11. Do not multitask.
  12. Break Management.
  13. Don't wait for inspiration to do your work now.
  14. Follow 80-20 rules
  15. Use the online calendar.
  16. Create a TODO list.
  17. Don't hang on to small things.
  18. Use your waiting time.
  19. The rest day is Saturday or Sunday.
  20. Stop pretending to be perfect.
  21. Say No
  22. Be inspired.
  23. Do the same thing together.
  24. Sleep Well.

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