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Consistency Tips for Developers That Actually Work

Be consistent until you are lucky

Inconsistency is the most common error made by developers.

Follow these simple tips to stay consistent and develop a coding habit.

Let's start!


Set small goals 🎯

With small goals you are far likely to stay motivated over time.

Your goals should have these 5 tenets.
✓ Specific
✓ Measurable
✓ Attainable
✓ Relevant
✓ Timebound

Use it as a checklist.

Remember: Clarity minimizes procrastination.

Keep It Simple 🙂

It’s the easiest way to reduce stress.

And with less stress you can do it for a longer period.


  • It’s either a Hell YES!! or a No
  • Learn one thing at a time
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Simplifying is about taking things away.

Track your progress 🗓️

Measuring progress doesn’t come naturally.

But it skyrockets the likelihood of you achieving your goal.

Track finished projects.
Track time taken for tasks.
Track happiness levels.

Because, you can only improve what you measure.

Take breaks ⏲️

While coding you will get stuck. A lot!

So limit the time spent in a session. After that, take a break.

Let your mind wander.

Clear your head and come back later to the task.

Reward yourself 🥇

Rewards increase dopamine levels in your brain.

However frequent or small, celebrate each milestone.

Doesn’t matter if it’s sleeping in, spending time with family or short outing.

Do it. Because you’ve earned it.

Wrapping up 📝

Skill of consistency will help your career more than any technology.

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Share your favorite consistency tip in the comments. Would love to hear it.

Top comments (8)

mehdiraash profile image
Mehdi Raash • Edited on

Speaking of consistency, honestly apart from what have been said, I've found work-out or in general physical activity a vital factor.
There's a saying, that people who does mind work, should do physical work instead, to keep themselves balanced, so Playing video-game or any mind-based activities doesn't help. I'm not a doctor, but this has become my belief.

codewithvoid profile image

Yes physical movement is very important. Utilizing breaks for it is a good tip.

ppant profile image
Pradeep K. Pant

Couple of things to add with my own experience:

  1. high focus activity like coding should be done with clear head, for me morning hours are the best. One can take as per individual time preference.
  2. Avoid switching in between other tasks or fun, better to take a walk.
  3. Patience while debugging is the greatest virtue.
  4. Learn how to frame question correctly with data to get quick help from forums.
  5. Set mobile to urgent call only, you can tell others that you are on a focus mode.
codewithvoid profile image

Great adds Pradeep. Thank you!

shubhicodes profile image

Consistency is always the best teacher.

Thanks for great writeup Void!!

codewithvoid profile image

💯 Thanks Shubhangi!

meghakeshri profile image
Megha Keshri

This is the problem I faced most ,🤔

codewithvoid profile image


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