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She Coded, He Coded, We Coded - Celebrating Diversity in Tech!

How can we actively embrace equality in the tech industry?

To make the tech industry fairer, companies should welcome everyone and celebrate differences. They should have fair rules and include people from all backgrounds, genders, and age groups. Offering good policies, being open to diverse ideas, and making sure everyone is represented properly can help a lot. Also, teaching people about equality, hosting events, and being careful not to let biases affect hiring can make a big difference. By doing these things, the tech world can become a better place for everyone.

What do you perceive as the primary obstacles to achieving gender equity in tech?

Gender equality in tech is hindered by biases in hiring and promotions, male-dominated cultures, and few women in leadership roles. Women, especially mothers, struggle to balance work and family due to societal expectations and stereotypes. Society often undervalues working mothers and wives, viewing them as less committed to family. Even if they work, they're still expected to manage household chores. To address these issues, we must challenge societal norms, support working mothers, promote shared responsibilities at home, and create work environments that accommodate family needs. This will help create a more equitable and supportive tech industry for all genders.

Reflect on a moment at work that affirmed the importance of gender equity to you.

Looking ahead, what are your hopes and aspirations for gender equity in tech?

I hope that the future of tech will be better for women. They're getting stronger and speaking up against unfair treatment. More women are joining the industry, which is great. We need to stop discrimination and harassment. Everyone should have the chance to do well in tech, no matter their gender. My dream is for tech to be a place where everyone feels welcome and respected, and where we can all work together to make cool stuff for the world.

What effective strategies do you employ to advocate for gender equity and diversity in your workplace or community?

In advocating for gender equity and diversity, I support more female representation by mentoring and uplifting women in my workplace and community. I believe empathy goes a long way in understanding others' experiences and fostering inclusivity. Always encourage others to never stay silent against harassment or discrimination, speaking up for fairness and respect.

Have you faced instances of bias or discrimination at work? If so, what was the experience like?

Yes, I've faced bias at work. Women still get paid less than men for the same job. Some people say things that make women feel like they're only good at certain jobs, like designing or managing, not developing. They also make jokes that are mean and make the workplace uncomfortable. When hiring, questions are asked like if you're married or planning to have kids, which can be hard to answer sometimes. These experiences can make you feel bad and affect how you feel about your job.

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