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Programming with Shahan
Programming with Shahan

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Stop Taking Programming Notes

Instead of just reading a million notes and trying to remember everything, let's make it way more exciting. Our friend, who's really good at coding, had a clever idea. Instead of spending hours writing notes and drawing fancy diagrams, they decided to do something way cooler.

Whenever they learned something new, like a fancy word or a special coding trick, they opened up their computer editor – that's like a magical place where you can create all sorts of cool stuff with code. Right next to it, they had a tutorial, like a guide that helps you understand things step by step.

Here's where the magic happens: If our friend didn't get something while reading, they didn't just scratch their head and feel stuck. Nope! They simply started writing the code right away. It's like turning learning into a game!

For example, when learning about Constructors (it's a bit like a special code recipe), our friend would copy some code into their editor, change a few things around, and see what happens. It's like experimenting with colors in a coloring book – you mix and match until it looks just right!

This way, they learned not just what Constructors are but also how to use them in real projects. It's like learning to ride a bike by actually riding, not just reading about it. Cool, right?

They called this way of learning "applied learning," which means you're not just reading and memorizing boring stuff. Instead, you're diving in and using what you learn right away. It's like learning to play a new game by actually playing, not just reading the rules!

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So, in a nutshell, while notes and diagrams are helpful for big ideas, the absolute best way to remember cool things like coding is to get your hands dirty and have fun with it. It's like learning to make awesome art by actually painting, not just staring at pictures.

Comment below your thoughts. It might help someone in the world.

Happy coding!

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