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Programming with Shahan
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How to get a job in front end development

Hey there, future web wizards! If you love creating awesome websites or apps and want to turn your passion into a job, becoming a front-end developer could be your ticket to success.

So I will break down the steps to help you land a cool job in front-end development.

What's Front-End Development?

Image of a giant sandwich connected with the internet demonstrating website

Okay, first things first. Imagine the internet as a giant sandwich. The bread is like the structure of a website, and the tasty fillings inside are what you see and interact with – that's where front-end developers come in! They make sure the website looks great and works smoothly.

Step 1: Learn the Magic of Coding

To become a front-end developer, you need to speak the language of the web: coding! There are cool languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that you'll become best friends with. You can learn these at school, take online courses, or even join coding bootcamp (e.g

Step 2: Build Your Magical Portfolio

Image of megical portfolio by shahan

Now that you're a coding whiz, it's time to showcase your skills. Think of your portfolio like a treasure chest that holds all the awesome stuff you've done. Here's what to include:

Say hi! Introduce yourself and share a bit about what you love doing.

Tell them where you learned your coding spells – school, online courses, or coding camps.

Specific Skills:
Brag about your coding superpowers. Are you the JavaScript superhero? Let them know!

Personal Projects:
Show off the cool websites or games you've created. It's like your own online museum.

Connect your portfolio to your secret hideouts – GitHub or CodePen. Let them see your coding lair.

Spill the beans on your projects. Who did you create them for? When did you finish? What challenges did you conquer?

If you've got any badges or trophies, flaunt them. You're a coding rockstar!

Step 3: Gear Up for the Interview Quest

Image of coding interview in real time by shahan

Okay, the next level – the interview! It's like a friendly chat where they want to know more about your coding adventures. Here's the lowdown:

Technical Skills:
Be ready to talk about web performance, CSS (that's like the fashion designer for websites), and computer science basics. It's your time to shine!

Behavioral Interview:
This part is about your personality. How do you tackle challenges? Are you a team player? Share stories from your coding journey.

Preparation is Key:
Start preparing early. Check out tips for virtual interviews, and you'll be as confident as a superhero saving the day!

🍡Recommendation: Figma is the BEST!

Figma is a fantastic tool for developers. The majority of designers use Figma to transfer web and mobile app blueprints. Given this tendency, web and mobile developers need to familiarize themselves with Figma to work with UI/UX designers.

If you don't know how to work with Figma Design, you will fall behind in modern coding projects, leading to unproductive website building, and you will have to learn it in the future. So sign up now before your interviewer blame you.


And there you have it, programmers! Follow these steps, and you'll be on your way to landing an awesome job as a front-end developer.

If you wonder why do we need Math in programming, you can read this article: Why We Need Math for Programming (10 math concepts)

Comment below with your thoughts. It might help someone in the world.

Happy coding!

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