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Programming with Shahan
Programming with Shahan

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10 Free Frontend Developer Certificates

Hey there, everyone! Exciting news today – I'm sharing 10 Free Frontend Web Development Certificates that you can learn on your own, and give your resume a serious boost!

HTML + CSS Certificates

1. Introduction to Front-End Development

This course helps you start from scratch and introduces you to important web tools, providing a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.


2. Front-End Development - HTML

Learn the basics of HTML to start your web dev journey.


3. CSS Essential Training
Get hands-on with CSS to make your websites look awesome.


JavaScript Certificates

4. Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the BASIC of the JavaScript language and understand where to use it, such as implementing statements, operators, data types, and functions, through DEMONSTRATIONS.


5. Learn Javascript Basics

Gain skills to build simple programs and customize web pages.


6. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
Have fun with variables, arrays, and making your computer do COOL tricks.


JavaScript Skills Certification Exam

7. JavaScript Skills Certification Test (Basic)
What You'll Be Tested On: Basic JavaScript knowledge like functions, scope, and events.


8. JavaScript Skills Certification Test (Intermediate)

What You'll Be Tested On: Tackle TOUGHER stuff like design patterns and memory management.


⚛️ React.js Certificates (Frontend framework)

9. React JS for Beginners

What You'll Learn: Create a React App and become a React PRO.


10. React Essential Training

What You'll Learn: Set up React tools, create components, and use React Hooks.


Recommendation: Did you know that majority of the UI/UX use a fantastic tool called Figma to create blueprints for websites and apps? As a frontend developer, you should know how to work with Figma for smoother frontend development. It also gives you tips to make your designs look great, and it does boring tasks for you thanks to new FigJam AI and it's currently free for all.

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⚙️Gear up

Each certificate and skill you acquire is like adding a new tool to your utility belt. So make sure to add them in your resume and start CONQUERING the world.

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Sorry to burst the bubble, nobody cares about certificates. You can do them for your own satisfaction but if you want a job, just write your own project