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How to Build Impressive Real Estate Website Using HTML CSS and JavaScript

In this video, we'll teach you how to create an impressive real estate website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

By the end of this video, you'll have everything you need to create a website that looks great on all devices and is responsive so that it looks great on any device, no matter how large. You'll also learn how to use HTML and CSS to create a sleek and elegant website, and how to use JavaScript to add interactivity and sophistication to your site. So If you want to learn how to build real estate websites, this video is for you!

What You'll Learn:

πŸ”Ή Designing a captivating and responsive user interface with HTML and CSS
πŸ”Ή Adding interactive section and some functionalities using JavaScript
πŸ”Ή Optimizing your website for various devices and screen sizes
πŸ”Ή CSS custom property & how to use them
πŸ”Ή CSS advance grid & flex layout

πŸ”—Download Starter Code
πŸ”—Source Code 1
πŸ”—Source Code 2
πŸ”—Figma UI
πŸ”—Join our discord community to get help

⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 - Demo
14:02 - File structure
15:16 - Project initial
35:10 - Home page - Header
47:10 - Light and dark mode
52:35 - Mobile nav
59:17 - Home page - Hero section
1:06:58 - Home page - Tab section
1:46:24 - Home page - Slider section
1:53:40 - Home page - Tag section
2:04:46 - Footer
2:08:01 - Setup API
2:15:19 - JavaScript - Tab section
2:40:34 - JavaScript - Slider section
2:51:17 - Snackbar
2:58:24 - Recipe page
4:25:18 - Recipe page - Rander recipe
4:40:48 - Detail page
2:37:26 - Detail page - Randar recipe detail
5:16:33 - Bookmark page
5:26:31 - Media queries

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Thank you

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Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna implement all these things on my Building Company Edinburgh blog.

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