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Build and Deploy Buymeacoffee with MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS

Welcome to our latest tutorial!
In this video, we'll guide you through the process of creating and deploying a BuyMeACoffee platform from scratch using powerful technologies like MongoDB, NodeJS, and ExpressJS. Additionally,
we'll integrate the secure Cryptomus Payment Gateway for seamless transactions.

🌐 Project Overview:
Learn to set up a robust backend with NodeJS and ExpressJS.
Utilize MongoDB to store and manage data efficiently.
Integrate Cryptomus Payment Gateway for secure and reliable transactions.
Enhance your development skills with real-world application building.

⚙️ Key Topics Covered:
Setting up a NodeJS and ExpressJS environment.
Implementing MongoDB database for BuyMeACoffee.
Integrating Cryptomus Payment Gateway for cryptocurrency transactions.
Deploying the application to a cloud platform for global accessibility.

🎓 Who Should Watch:
Developers looking to build a real-world application.
Enthusiasts interested in integrating payment gateways and databases.

🔗Cryptomus Telegram
🔗Source Code

⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 - Demo
4:57 - Project initial
20:54 - Topbar
26:19 - Hero section
33:20 - Contribuite section
1:02:44 - About section
1:08:08 - History section
1:15:30 - Footer
1:16:46 - Media queries
1:33:27 - Handle checkout
1:45:11 - Payment intigration
2:16:14 - MongoDB
2:50:57 - Testing payment

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